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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Kids Crazy about Feeding Frenzy at CT Audubon

Kids Crazy about Feeding Frenzy at CT Audubon
By Mike Lauterborn
(for Fairfield Citizen News)

Fairfield, CT – There’s nothing cuddlier than a fluffy rabbit, though turtles are terrific, too. Kids got a chance to pet – and feed – both along with an assortment of other mammal and reptile residents of the CT Audubon Society Center Friday afternoon.

Titled “Feeding Frenzy”, the program, held at the Center’s 2325 Burr Street property, allows young children to interact with and learn about certain critters. In all, this also included a trio of mice and a guinea pig.

“It’s a fun activity to break up the dullness of winter,” said program coordinator Linnea McHenry, “but also educates kids about what certain reptiles and animals eat, and how to feed them.”

A parent, Shaw Kassab of Fairfield, who accompanied one of about 12 children gathered, said about her reason for attending the program, “The kids love to feed animals, and it’s Friday and fun. We’re part of a mom’s club and look for entertaining activities to do with our children.”

Turtles were housed in plastic tubs set on tabletops and the tubs were either filled with water or not, depending on whether the turtle was land-oriented or water-oriented. A cage contained the mice, which mostly romped around on an exercise wheel. The rabbit, William, and the guinea pig, Henry, were held fast by program helpers Katy Parton and MacKenzie Brennan.

Children moved around the room to each of the displays, taking turns feeding and touching each.

“I like the guinea pig the best,” Fairfielder Isabella Jalet, 8, ultimately decided, “because it’s adorable. I gave him a piece of lettuce. He seemed to like it. I have two dogs at home. It’s my job sometimes to feed them. It’s fun to feed different animals, even the turtles.”   

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