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Monday, March 15, 2010

Mike Joins Blogging Community with "Writer/Author Mike Lauterborn Live" Site

This is Mike Lauterborn's first foray into the blog world and he's very excited about the prospects of this type of reach-out. "I like the journalistic nature of blogging and the responses and interactivity that my postings may drive. I also like the communicative nature of this type of technology in terms of alerting my blog subscribers to activities in which I am involved, articles and other writing works that I may be developing or have submitted and the progress of certain book projects." is just one way Mike will be reaching out online to broadcast his activities. Mike also plans to establish a presence on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. The hope is to increase the profile of and drive buzz around his project work and thereby illustrate to prospective publishers Mike's commitment to providing promotional support to works of his in which they may have interest in acquiring.