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Thursday, July 21, 2011

View Finder: Beach Yoga

View Finder: Beach Yoga
Limbering up as the waves lap the shore
By Mike Lauterborn
(posted to 7/21)

Fairfield, CT – The setting couldn’t have been more perfect, with the sun creeping up in the sky, gulls overhead scanning for sea snacks, early-bird joggers and sandy shores. Perfect surroundings, that is, for a sunrise yoga session.

Held on the sundeck of the Jacky Durrell Pavilion at Penfield Beach, Yoga For Everybody’s morning yoga class on a recent Saturday morning attracted about 30 fitness enthusiasts. With support from volunteers Denise Fiori and Lea Cervone, Carolyn Fahey led the group in gravity-defying, pretzel-like ground acrobatics while dispensing prophetic teachings.

Water bottles were aplenty – and needed to be – given the already dense air that soon created beads of perspiration on the brows of participants. They stretched and reached and bended as guided, sprawled on pastel-colored mats of blue, orange, green and maroon. A wide palette of body shapes and even mix of gender was represented here.

“Pull the foot into your hip… gracefully release your foot into the lunge position… come to downward-facing dog,” cooed Fahey, prompting the pack.

The merciless sun crept higher into the sky as bodies glistened with sweat. All the while, gentle waves lapped at the shore, creating a tranquil mood that would soon be shattered by beachgoers and the shouts of children tearing across the sand.

“Yoga is an awakening of the heart,” Fahey said, offering some final thoughts. “The greatness comes from you.”