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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Moms Fight Cancer One Pie at a Time

Moms Fight Cancer 
One Pie at a Time
By Mike Lauterborn
(for Fairfield Citizen News)

Fairfield, CT – They schlepped pitchers of water, juggled cups of soda, balanced trays of pizza and pumped beer taps, dashing in and out of the kitchen and darting from table to table. This Mom Squad meant business and the community responded.

For a five-hour period Tuesday evening, Fairfield’s “Moms Making a Difference” Relay for Life Team took over waitressing duties at the Colony Grill, 1520 Post Road. All tips they received plus an honorarium from the restaurant were earmarked for the American Cancer Society. Patrons also had the opportunity to win a pair of tickets to an upcoming New York Rangers home game.

The “Moms” team, which is comprised of 20 Fairfield women, is one of the many teams participating in the Relay For Life fundraising event on June 4, 2011. Last year’s event raised over $325,000 for cancer research.

“It’s going to be easy, just smile,” said Colony co-owner Ken Martin, addressing the mom crew at the outset of their shift. “It’s about personality and letting people know what we’re doing. It’s a simple menu – pizza and drinks. If you drop something, it’s not a big deal. Just have fun with it.”

Martin was glad to support their effort and said it’s good business besides. “We don’t do a lot of advertising,” he said, “so we get involved with events like this. These are women from Fairfield raising money for Fairfield. We like that premise. This is what it’s about to own a small business. It’s not just about the revenue.”

Leading the mom pack was Amy Crawford, a Fairfield University area resident and Relay Team captain. “We have moms from the elementary and nursery schools from all over Fairfield,” she said. “We’re here just trying to do something great.”

Crawford added, “The tie that binds us is being moms, but we’re also caregivers, survivors and providers. It’s important for us to show our kids that moms can make a difference.”

Patron Dana Kery thought the fundraiser event was ideal. “What better way to support local business and moms helping raise awareness and funds for a great cause?” she said. “Cancer has touched so many people. Everyone knows someone affected by it.”

Another patron, Lea Padilla, of Black Rock, said, “My mom has Stage 4 cancer, but a very good support group. This is great what the moms are doing here to raise awareness.”

Though she appeared a bit tuckered out from all the back and forth retrieving and placing orders, Relay Team member Monica McMullan said, “I was hoping it would be this busy. I’m glad to see such a great turnout. I hope I’ll last the night!”