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Monday, March 29, 2010

If You Like What You're Reading, Throw a Buck Mike's Way

Mike Lauterborn is engaged in some pretty exciting new things -- writing for newspapers and magazines, trying to get his "Chasing Charley" book published, developing a second book project, looking to teach creative writing, trying to get a shore tours service launched and, most importantly, giving back and helping out the less fortunate whenever and wherever he can (case in point, helping improve his assistant's living conditions by personally gutting and renovating her apartment). Like all fledgling enterprises, funds are required to make these things possible and, right now, money is slim until these efforts begin to gain traction. So, here's the deal: If you like what you read here and would like to see Mike succeed at these positive endeavors -- particularly any charitable involvements -- send him a buck or two. Mike will keep a list of all supporters and their contributions and provide an accounting of how all funds are used. Mike will also provide when printed his first book at a discount off the retail cover price and personally autographed. The greater your contribution, the greater the discount (for example, $10 contribution=5% off, $20 contribution= 10% off, $30 contribution, 15% off and so on in 5% increments with each successive $10 increase). This is for real people. Let's do some exciting things together. To help out, make your check payable to Mike Lauterborn and send to:

Mike Lauterborn
48 Smith Street
Fairfield, CT 06824

Your good karma will be repaid in greater ways than you can imagine.

Thanks in advance for your support.