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Monday, March 19, 2012

Catching Some Air at Jennings Skate Park

Catching Some Air 
at Jennings Skate Park
By Mike Lauterborn
(for Fairfield Citizen News)

Fairfield, CT – February. Connecticut. Winter. Perfect time for… skateboarding?

The season has been so mild and snow-less this year that local kids are flocking to activities normally reserved for warmer weather, like riding their longboards at Jennings Beach Skate Park.

Tuesday afternoon, about a dozen boarders were testing out the verticals, walls, steps and other features at the park, lightly dressed in sweat jackets in light of temperatures that pushed into the high 40s.

“Usually there’s snow,” said Henry Hathaway, 13, from Darien, “but since there’s none, we’re enjoying skateboarding. We’ve definitely skateboarded more this winter than any other.”

Hathaway’s friend Jack Droogan, also 13 and from Darien, added, “We would typically be snowboarding.”

The two had wanted to check out the park for a while and were greatly enjoying it, particularly the vertical ramps.

Sixteen-year-old Fairfielder Cody Nichols, joined by friend Margaux Cane, 15, and another boarder Justin Krauss, 15, from Westport, was also enjoying the park. “I love coming here and it’s close to my house,” he said. “All my buddies come down here. Last year, there was snow all over. We shoveled it so we could skate, but got yelled at. We’re here now at the same time of the year, and it’s been no problem.”

Nichols said he had been visiting the skate park three to four times a week throughout this winter period, which he said was unusual.

Fairfielders John Tortora and Jacob Russell were busy skating in another corner of the park. Tortora, 11, said he has been skating here five times a week this winter. “It’s insane,” he said. “I don’t miss the snow.”

Russell, 14, did miss snowboarding, but admitted, “It’s nice being able to longboard.”

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