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Friday, August 19, 2011

View Finder: Sand Jammin’

View Finder: Sand Jammin’
Last beach dance and 
film for the season
By Mike Lauterborn
(posted to 8/18)
© 2011. All Rights Reserved.

Fairfield, CT – They were kicking up their heels, racing across the sand, taking a late day dip or just setting themselves up with a pizza – all part of the fun of the last Sand Jam and Movie Under the Stars of the season, presented by Fairfield’s Parks & Recreation Department.

A highly anticipated tradition here in town, Thursday, August 11th’s Jam attracted several hundred families to Jennings Beach, where DJ Marvin and an oversized inflatable movie screen were the most noticeable features adjacent to the cinder block pavilion. As with all previous Jams, the event was supported by a lone sponsor – in this case, Sabita Kanhai of Sabita Holistic Center, located in Southport. The comely Indian woman, dressed in a lime green tank top, white shorts and trainers, had set up a massage chair at the foremost part of the cement deck and used her firm hands yet gentle demeanor to provide five-minute massages to any takers.

Of course, if you were a kid age anywhere from two to 12, most likely you had come to the event not for an adjustment but to expend a little energy bopping to the beats electronics wizard and tune master Marvin was laying down.

Just maybe, too – and this applied to the above-12 set – you were in it for “Toy Story 3”, the feature film attraction. Flickering to life at sunset, the cinematic treat delighted the masses, who snuggled under woolen blankets and donned sweatshirts to counteract a chill that settled on the beachfront – a sign that fall was not far behind and that school books would soon replace snack trays in the hands of junior event attendees.

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