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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Woodbridge Author’s Book Helps Smooth Divorce Transition

Woodbridge Author’s Book Helps 
Smooth Divorce Transition:
Laura Campbell’s “The Ultimate Divorce Organizer” debuts Aug. 2011
By Mike Lauterborn
(posted to 7/20)
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Woodbridge, CT – Divorce is a disruptive, often painful process involving huge life decisions, multiple legal transactions and emotional upheaval. While many professionals are there to speak to specific issues, there is little support offered with regard to organizing the many facets of the transition.

Helping bridge the gap between the legal aspects and the emotional journey involved in divorce is a new book titled “The Ultimate Divorce Organizer”, penned by first-time author and Woodbridge resident Laura Campbell. A divorcee herself and founder of a related website, Campbell’s aim was to provide comprehensive resources, primarily to women going through much of what she had experienced – from contemplation of divorce up through moving forwards afterwards.

Campbell, 44, whose marriage ended in 2004 after 12 years, said, “At the time I was going through my own divorce, I found that there was a lack of resources that I needed. There were therapists, lawyers, CPAs and what not but not someone to support me in moving forward – emotionally, financially, socially, professionally – all the things to help me determine next steps.”

Campbell said the experience was traumatic. “The divorce was far bigger than just the end of my marriage,” she said. “It affected every area of my life. Every aspect of my world changed. The transition was the beginning of my journey and personal development and education about me. I began to reconnect with who I was, educate myself on what it would mean to live the life I really wanted. ‘Where divorce ends, your destiny begins,’ is my motto.”

The author added, “You really redefine all of the roles you play in life – parent, daughter, partner, professional, independent person, friend.”

In particular, Campbell wanted to connect to women sharing her same experience, so, in 2005, she formed a business called D Spot. “It’s virtual and live event based and offers women private coaching around the transition of divorce, group coaching and retreats.

“I became credentialed as the type of professional that I would have sought out myself,” she said.

With regard to the book, Campbell said it happened very quickly. “It was born out of a lack of comprehensive resources in this category,” she said. “The content was compiled from my own experience. I’m blessed to be part of a community of experts. This offers a step-by-step guide to moving through the transition of divorce.”

The book has been on and pre-releasing for some time. It will fully release in August 2011.

“I wish I would have had this resource when I was going through my own divorce,” she said. “You’re making huge decisions at a point when you’re most vulnerable and not at your best.”

For more information, visit, which provides a link to purchase “The Ultimate Divorce Organizer”. Published by Peter Pauper Press, the 180-page book retails for $29.99. Lili Vasileff, a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, contributed financial content to the guide.

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