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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Penfield Pavilion on Track for July Completion

Penfield Pavilion on Track 
for July Completion:
Roofing, electrical, plumbing 
work all moving forward
(Posted to 5/5)
By Mike Lauterborn

Fairfield, CT – Like ants they were crawling all over the Penfield Beach Pavilion structure Wednesday morning, busily going about their assigned tasks. Up on the roof, workers completed the job of nailing into place tongue-and-groove 2’x6’ planks, forming an underlayer for the Tyvek and asphalt layers to follow. Below, carpenters measured, cut and fed them the planks, as well as joists for other areas that needed support. A pair of electricians rolled in to rig up wiring. Plumbers installed a fire sprinkler system. On the seaside of the structure, a front loader set large concrete blocks into place, forming a temporary seawall to block the intrusion of high tides from infiltrating and undermining the construction site. It was all in a day’s work, with an eye towards completing the project in July to accommodate summer beach crowds.

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