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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Discounts Draw Bargain Hunters to Borders Closing

Discounts Draw Bargain Hunters 
to Borders Closing:
Shoppers mourn bookstore’s loss
(Posted to 3/27)
By Mike Lauterborn
© 2011. All Rights Reserved.

Fairfield, CT – “Everything Must Go!”, “Everything 20% to 40% Off” and “Nothing Held Back” signs peppered exterior windows, inside displays and register areas. They were sad signs of the times.

Fairfield Downtown’s anchor, Borders, at 1499 Post Road, which had announced it would close just last week, was already in the beginning phase Saturday afternoon of selling off its merchandise, offering discounts that appealed to area consumers as long lines at all registers showed. Any store events that had been scheduled, like a Lego Racers Kids Event, had been cancelled and the popular in-house café closed.

“I’m definitely sad to see this go,” said Kelly Bishop, of Fairfield, who had an armful of children’s books. “I have a 2 ½  year old and we come here at least once a week. It’s a major loss for Fairfield. I’m taking advantage of the sales, though, while the books are still here. I knew that the other Borders were closing, but didn’t expect this one to close. I thought they did so well. A cashier told me last week – I was shocked as was everyone on line with me.”

Beverly Dacey, of Easton, was similarly loaded up. “I came down today to mourn the loss of the store,” she said. “It was a terrific place to escape from the pressures of daily life and indulge in pleasures of the mind. I’m stocking up on magazines, books, cards, gifts, etc. I might as well take advantage of the sales. This was an anchor, like the Fairfield Store, that started the resurgence of downtown. There’s the Borders at the Trumbull mall, but it’s a totally different ambiance and I never go there. This store gave you the feel of a college bookstore.”

“I’m a speech pathologist and work with children,” said Kathy Mitchell of Black Rock, standing on line with a bundle of books. “So I’m stocking up on books for my students and also my business.”

Sitting in a sunny window spot in the magazine area at the back of the store, Damaris Diaz, 12, of Westport, said she’ll miss the store. “I come here once a week. I was really surprised the store was closing. I like to come to buy magazines and go to the café sometimes. It would be nice to have another bookstore here, similar to this one.”

Mary Bishop, of Fairfield, was another customer that had loaded up with books. “I didn’t think they were going to close this location. I thought it did well and really the company as a whole, too,” she said. “With this store going empty, it may be difficult to attract new business in downtown. I’m taking advantage of sales to buy up gardening magazines. I’m also looking at bridal books as my daughter is getting married. I hope the company’s able to regroup and open another location in Fairfield.”

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